Custom Application Development – making Technology work for you

“Out of the Box” software is a very practical and cost effective tool to address common business issues. How it meets your organization’s specific needs is another question altogether. Custom Applications can bridge the gap between the Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software and how your business really runs. They make your team more productive, more competitive, reduce staff turn-over, and make your customers and clients much happier.

Custom Applications can replace ad hoc SharePoint sites, error-prone spreadsheets, email-based tasking and tracking, myriads of field-developed but unmanaged “glue” programs and dependence upon head-knowledge. And Custom Applications can fill in for the missing features in that COTS application.

Custom Applications range from simple to complex. Examples of Pointe Smart Custom Applications include:

• Executive Dashboards

• HR Onboarding

• Approvals
1. Credit/Legal
2. Invoices
3. Expense Reports

• Time Cards for Remote Workers

• Custom Reports

• Data Warehouse, Transformation, Hub, Content Management and Publishing

• And more!

Time to value agility – Pointe Smart’s secret to success

The traditional software development lifecycle involves lengthy specification, coding and test cycles, with a major high-risk cutover event. Unfortunately, because it takes so long to achieve results, the business has evolved its requirements. That’s why so many custom software projects fail to deliver on their promise, or end up scrapped before they are deployed.

So what’s the answer?

Sharp, smart software development by Pointe Smart’s consummate professionals who are dedicated to the concept of rapid “Time to Value.” That’s a methodology to produce fast cycle, modular applications that you put into service quickly. You start producing a Return On Investment (ROI) in a matter of a few weeks or months. At the end of each cycle, you recalibrate based on where the business has evolved, and where it’s going next.

On the surface, “Time to Value” seems to cost more than traditional quoted and overrun software development. Yet because there is ROI early in the process, and the overall development adjusts as it goes, your net expense is greatly reduced and your received value is greatly enhanced. Plus, your project turns out as a big success and a major contributor to your organization, and not another failed initiative.

Look around at your company. Look at your processes – if they are repetitive and manual, then they need to be fixed. But first, contact Pointe Smart . We’ll help you decide whether or not Custom Applications are feasible. We’ll help you build an ROI and a business case. And then, we’ll make sure you obtain the ROI you expect.

That’s the Pointe Smart approach. Smart. Safe. Secure. And to your point.

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