Your Office in the Cloud

Microsoft Office365 is an innovative Cloud service that consists of strategic components to enable your business to be faster and more resilient. These components are arranged into a variety of packages to meet the needs of enterprises from very small to huge.

They consist of:

Microsoft Exchange in the Cloud. Protected by Microsoft’s certified (HIPAA, PCI, etc.) data centers, the Exchange-only Office365 offer works with your existing Outlook client or any Exchange-enabled tablet or smartphone.

Office Online. Perfect for light users who need to review and occasionally edit documents in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Communications. Instant Messaging, blogging, desk-to-desk voice calls, video calling, conferencing and full integration into Outlook for screen pops and dialing, Office365 offers the easiest-to-use and most full-featured communications options available.

Collaboration. Desktop sharing and whiteboards. Co-editing. Cloud-based storage and sophisticated document management. Your team can work together and get things done in ways you never dreamed possible, making your company more agile and more efficient.

Full-on Microsoft Office. For intensive users of Microsoft Office, Office365 offers more than the traditional Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These users get OneNote, Access, Publisher and more all for the same low monthly price. Unleash the talent of your people!

eDiscovery. To aid in Compliance and legal matters.

Data Analysis. Across your organization, using Excel. Simple.

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