Pointe Smart Online™ - Cloud services made easy

Pointe Smart Online™ is a collection of managed cloud services designed to deliver high-availability and business continuity. Each Pointe Smart Online™ service comes with a highly-skilled team whose skill sets range from hardware to virtualization, from Windows and SQL Server to networking and business continuity.

Pointe Smart Online™ services are deployed in different Cloud platforms depending on your business needs and required level of availability.

A highly secure colocation facility located outside of the DFW area. It is served by multiple power grids and optical fiber routes and is perfect for budget-minded clients and for those who require nearby physical data repository.

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Consists of several highly secure data centers located around the globe. While the basic Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is relatively inexpensive, options add up quickly in both cost and complexity. Pointe Smart Online™ manages the services deployed into the Microsoft Azure so that you obtain the benefits you need without having to become an expert on the fast-changing intricacies of Microsoft’s platform.

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Pointe Smart Online™ resolves a number of key business challenges. Click each challenge below to learn more.

Key Windows-based applications need to be available across business and home computers, tablets, smartphones – including iOS, Android and other non-Windows devices.

The answer is Pointe Smart Online™ {Smart AppHost} Service. Placing your application into Pointe Smart Online™ makes it available to users on nearly any device – safely and securely. Imagine being able to pay bills, run payroll, or take customer orders, even when employees cannot otherwise go into the office. Think about ice storms or other weather events, flu outbreaks and similar – no longer impediments to doing business.

There are hidden benefits, too – for example, QuickBooks Enterprise only allows two company files to be viewed at the same time. With {Smart AppHost} you can have more than one login for the same user to let you compare more than two company !

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Backup is not the same as Business Continuity

While backup is a good thing, backing up onto a removable hard drive, or sending tapes to a cavern somewhere, or even backing up to a cloud target are all only one part of an effective business continuity plan.

That’s because the key metrics are:
1. How long does it take to resume operation (and how much business did you lose) and 2. How long does it take to restore your operation once the problem has been resolved (flood, fire, wind damage, theft, etc.)

The answers to these questions require more than ad hoc decision-making. You need real experts to understand your business, decide what strategy works best for which applications, and to design an effective plan that can be tested and verified. You deserve a Business Continuity architecture that you can trust.

Pointe Smart Online™ can be a cloud-based backup target. But Pointe Smart Online™ can be much more. We can maintain operational virtual servers for mission-critical applications that can take up – or share – the load instantly when needed. We can also maintain DR virtual servers that can be spun up quickly for critical or important applications.

Pointe Smart Online™can also replicate itself into other sites – for example, if the primary backup target is thePointe Smart data center, Pointe Smart Online™ can replicate into the Microsoft Cloud providing even deeper resiliency.

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BYOD, or a raft of Windows XP machines won’t sink you.

Now may be the time to choose “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) instead of buying replacement desktop and notebook workstations. BYOD brings its own governance and security issues, and the support issues can be daunting. That’s why Pointe Smart Online™ is a great choice. With Pointe Smart Virtual Desktop you maintain control by hosting each user within your security domain. They are free to use nearly any modern device. Plus, you back up their “Document” and “Desktop” folders – something you may not have been doing previously.

Alternatively, you may choose to hang onto those XP machines a while longer. By moving to Pointe Smart Virtual Desktop, you no longer have to worry about security issues, management and application compatibility. Just strip them down and use them as “thin clients” for the virtual desktop.

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I need storage – for backup, Business Continuity or just archive. I may need to integrate it into a Data Virtualization plan so that I can retrieve critical data instantly in the event of a major event or attack at my data center.

Pointe Smart Online™ has you covered. We provide three levels of storage performance, all mirrored and optionally replicated into other physical data centers.

They include:

  • High-performance storage established on solid state disk (ssd) and high-rpm magnetic arrays

  • Operational Storage established on high-RPM and standard-RPM magnetic arrays

  • Archive Storage established on high-density standard-RPM magnetic arrays

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    I need Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for production, development, testing or business continuity.

    Pointe Smart Online™ offers a la carte Infrastructure as a Service. Choose virtual servers equipped with Windows Server 2012, Windows SQL Server, Active Directory (and it’s many support roles such as ADFS), and Linux. Choose from high-performance storage, standard performance storage and archive storage. Choose bandwidth.

    And rest assured that Pointe Smart’s team is online around the clock to ensure that your applications are available, operational and secure.

    With Pointe Smart Online™ you can set up IaaS for low-criticality needs such as development and test, standard availability needs such as offline or batch production, and mission-critical needs such as eCommerce and EDI. You decide what level of high-availability you need, on an application-by-application basis.

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    Smart. Simple. Secure.

    Pointe Smart Online™ services are all high-availability. Recognizing that not all applications are mission-critical – development sandboxes, for example - Pointe Smart Online™ is offered in three levels of high-availability: Lite, Standard, and Redundant.

    Lite High-Availability

    Standard High-Availability

    Redundant High-Availability