Smart Data Services™ - Master Data Management made brilliant

Pointe Smart SDS™ - Smart Data Services™ provides a class-leading data mastering solution for organizations of any size to enjoy the benefits of Master Data Management. Focused initially on Product and Vendor data, SDS can be applied to other data domains as well: reference, customer, currency and more.

Our approach includes a comprehensive understanding of your business challenges and requirements, a cost-effective entry point and superior post-implementation support. We offer both cloud and on-premise solutions - low risk options that help you gain a competitive edge with quick time to value and fast ROI.

The “Five C’s of Master Data Management”

Traditional Master Data Management is truly a “diamond in the rough.” MDM can be a toolkit – basically a rock in the dirt that requires you to clean it, cut it and polish it. Lots of work.
Now, MDM can be breathtaking, stunning, and a beautiful enhancement to your business when professionally implemented using Pointe Smart SDS.

Knowing the “Five C’s” is a great way to appreciate and evaluate Pointe Smart SDS or any Master Data Management solution.

Controlled – delegated authority and data stewardship with centralized control.

The traditional approach to data mastering has been to make a single group or system responsible for data integrity. This hasn’t worked for many reasons, chief of which is that no single group truly understands how all the attribute sets are used throughout the organization. Business Intelligence, for example, is primarily concerned with executive dashboards (financial performance) and sales correlations (marketing and product management). Product Managers are primarily concerned with product placement and performance. Who is responsible for dimensions and weight (warehouse or logistics, probably)? Who is responsible for selection sets and product images (eCommerce, probably)?

Pointe Smart SDS divides product and vendor data into attribute sets, and assigns responsibility for each set to a specific system or group (including the manufacturer or vendor, where appropriate). Other users have the ability to request changes if they see problems, but stewardship of the data is managed effectively through a delegated authority model.

This is a key difference between most MDM toolkits and Pointe Smart SDS - SDS provides a unique delegated governance capability that can be implemented simply and easily.

Clean – clear and consistent data. A single version of the truth.

The essence of data mastering is the preservation of clean, consistent data. This is not an end-result. It’s an ongoing process. Threats to data integrity come from many different directions, including well-intentioned staff, corrupt external data, and uncoordinated decision-making. Data mastering is most effective when it catches and corrects issues before they show up in operational data.

Too many MDM toolkits or similar offers are treated a “one and done” approach to data cleansing. They promise that you can import and clean all your data, put it back, sign off and walk away. The real world doesn’t work that way, unfortunately. You may have cleaned the data today, but tomorrow it’s already starting to accumulate errors and inconsistencies.

Pointe Smart SDS is a continuous data mastering solution, not just a toolkit.

Connected – publish, share and extend mastered data.

Pointe Smart SDS establishes unique and separate input and publication data models for every client system. Each system that consumes data is provided an independent model that meets its individual need. Input models are independent, even if data is being acquired from and published back to the same system. This gives you the maximum flexibility to keep data consistent.

Pointe Smart SDS uses state of the art connectivity tools that extract information from XML, CSV, PDF, SQL and other database and transfer formats. Regardless of the age of the system serving up data to be mastered, or consuming mastered data, SDS meets the need.

This powerful connectivity option makes Pointe Smart SDS particularly useful for organizations and investors who are considering or engaging in industry roll-ups. Pointe Smart SDS makes it simple to integrate the existing systems in a new acquisition and transition to the company's standards with minimum operational impact or loss of business.

Cost-Effective – compelling ROI for any size organization.

Master Data Management has been the exclusive province of only the largest corporations due to the software cost, extreme cost of implementation and the timeframes required. Yet mid-market organizations have many of the same problems, and need many of the same benefits.

Pointe Smart SDS offers you two different acquisition models: traditional software licensing coupled with professional implementation services, or a Software as a Service (SaaS) model hosted in Pointe Smart Online™ - our cloud service that includes Microsoft Azure.

Pointe Smart SDS is priced for the mid-market. The basic package includes input and output modeling for two databases, professional services, our unique and powerful delegated authority system, and a manual data management console. Once the first two databases/datasources are mastered, additional databases and user groups can begin to enjoy the benefits of mastered data as your organization is ready.

Our phased in approach means no “big bang” required!

Credible – developed by a former Chief Solutions Architect at Microsoft

David Clark founded Pointe Smart to bring advanced technologies to the mid-market. For seventeen years David had a progressively more responsible role at Microsoft Consulting Services. As Chief Solutions Architect he helped design and implement data mastering and similar systems for some of the world’s largest retailers and distributors.

That’s the foundation for Pointe Smart SDS. Real world experience solving challenging business problems, keen understanding of the problem domain, and development by top-tier associates.